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career iwd job search recruitment Mar 07, 2023

The theme this year for IWD is #embraceequity. So, this IWD we’re changing our mission statement. From “creating more equal access to opportunity”, to “creating more equitable access to opportunity”.

We know, and have experienced, that men and women do not have equal access to opportunities in the workforce. We also know that gender is intersectional, and women as a group are truly diverse. 

We have not accurately reflected our mission in our current language. We are creating more equitable access to opportunities for women living in Canada through the Propeller Experience. 

We started with individuals. Our Propeller Experience program meets women and other marginalized genders where they are. It helps them to find or create a career path in line with what they want

We wanted, not to fix women to fit into an inequitable system, but to remind them how truly amazing they are. How their diverse and unique experiences, makes them exceptional and never “less than”. We encourage them to seek out or create opportunities where others see and value them in their truest and most authentic form, as themselves. 

So, that is what we’ve been up to over here for the last couple of years, giving each woman in our community what they need to go after their version of success. 

Now, we all know that equity is not a women’s issue, it’s an everyone issue. When I started tellent, I did not want to try to fix the systemic barriers that existed in the workforce. The job was too big. 

But recently, we’ve been evaluating what else we could do. How else can we create more equitable access to opportunities in the workforce for women? 


We know from our recent survey on diversity recruitment that hiring managers and recruiters number one challenge to hiring women is access to a diverse and qualified talent pool. 

We know from you, our community and members, how difficult it can be to connect directly into decision makers and recruitment teams. 

So we created a solution. The ELLEumni Champion program is bridge - connecting experienced women talent directly into recruitment and hiring managers.

💫 Benefit for women job-seekers and candidates - you now have direct access to a network of recruiters and hiring managers (no more mass applying to jobs and not hearing back).

💫 Benefit of being a Champion - you now have direct access to a qualified talent pool of diverse women talent (and you become an active ally - tangibly supporting women to rise in their careers).

The women in our talent pool have been through our career coaching program the Propeller Experience. They have career clarity, passion and the mindset to bring their best and most authentic self to their next opportunity.

🌟 Access to this program is FREE until May 1st*

*Job-seekers and candidates must have purchased and gone through the Propeller Experience program to access ELLEumni Champions.

The Propeller Experience lifts women up. The ELLEumni Champions accelerate their rise.   

If you’re interested in learning more about the Propeller Experience Program or the ELLEumni Champions Program, email me at [email protected]

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