How It Works...

The Propeller Experience is a six month virtual coaching program that gives you the communitycareer clarity and the inner confidence to pursue success on your terms.

Our program kicks off with a four week Mindset Reset, followed by our proprietary Possibilities and Accelerator Programming. 

Here is what you can expect from us... 


Module 1: Mindset Reset

In Module One and for the first 4 weeks of this six month program we will be diving deep into your current belief systems and teaching you to dream again. You will walk away with an aiming point and clarity around what you want out of your career and your life. We call this our Mindset Reset.

Together we will: 

  1. Create a vision of what inspires you in your career. You’ve been feeling a pull towards something else, something “more” and that is why you are here. We are going to work with you to explore those feelings and dig into what it is that you really want in your career so you can get the clarity and direction you need to guide you confidently forward. 
  2. Name and claim your professional limiting beliefs. Together we will conquer the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from living the truest, most abundant version of yourself. Our limiting beliefs create barriers and limitations on what we think is possible. We will give you tools and exercises to lift those barriers and free you up to reimagine what is possible in your career. 
  3. Determine what is next - design worth into your career plan. Your self-worth is not determined by others, only by you. Through simple but transformational exercises, you will get the inner confidence to BE the person worthy of your goals now. No more waiting, no more settling.  

These three milestones are the critical pieces you must have in place to create the abundant life and career of your choosing. 

We will support your journey through: 

  • A world class curriculum and textbook
  • Twice weekly live group coaching and mentorship
  • Guided meditations
  • Email support

In Module Two, we go career exploring with our Possibilities programming and discovery streams!

But first, meet our Mindset and Coaching team...


Meet Your Instructor, Coaches & Guides

Hina Khan, Lead Instructor

Peak Performance Mindset Coach

As a Peak Performance Mindset Coach and former Psychotherapist, Hina has been a student of the mind, human behaviour and human potential. What you can expect from her in this program, is someone who will help you challenge and explore the thoughts and beliefs that hold you back. She will walk with you to reprogram your subconscious mind so that you get the results you want.

Cheryl Himburg

Mindset Coach

Allison Lockett

Career Coach

Kadine Cooper

Career Coach

Jennifer Hanna

Leadership Coach

Danielle Joworski

Visibility Coach

Darcy Roberts

Career Coach

Fran Watson

Life Coach

Patricia Taillon

Recruitment Coach

Module 2: Explore Your Possibilities

With your new found goals (we call it an aiming point) and inner belief that you can be, do, and have what you want in your career and your life, we're going to explore what is POSSIBLE and help you to REIMAGINE what your career can look like. 

We've got over 20 hours of on-demand content from thought leaders and mentors across four streams including LeadershipEntrepreneurship, Digital Skills and Money + Finances.  

We found the movers, shakers and deal makers. The zen-masters, mindset re-framers and “get you past your barrier” busters. We brought them all together under a common mission to help you reconnect with your professional potential and reimagine what is possible in your career. 

This program is designed to help you discover new opportunities, new pathways and new passions!

Each stream is self-guided and self-paced so you can complete it in your own time. Do one or do them all, this is your exploration journey! 

We will support your journey through: 

  • Video lessons
  • In-depth workbooks
  • Access to our dynamic community of mentors from across industries and Canada

From the first day you join, we going to help you accelerate your success through community. Learn more in the next section. 

But first, read more about each of our discovery streams...

Your Discovery Streams

Each stream has four on-demand lessons, workbooks and four recorded mentorship sessions. 

Leadership In the Future of Work

The way we work has forever changed. It’s hard to quantify all of the ways workplaces and workers have had to adapt to quarantines, lockdowns, restrictions and the persistent weight of operating through a global pandemic, as everyone has been impacted differently.  

Leaders in this new normal have had to operate effectively through rapid change, uncertainly, social unrest and a global health crisis. They have had to think and move fast (with empathy) to re-skill their staff, pivot their business and rebuild their operations. No matter what the size of their business. 

But workplaces and workforces are not the only thing that has changed during the pandemic. What employees want and need from their work and employer has also changed. This will have a big impact on workplace culture and how leaders engage and inspire their people. Many got a taste of freedom working from home (or a cottage, or their new house) and don’t want to give that up to return to the office full-time. Others re-evaluated their purpose and roles in society and opted for change. Some crave a return to normal, the office, travelling and have struggled with feelings of isolation and anxiety. 

There is no going back to normal. There is only forging forward, re-building workplace cultures that are agile, inclusive and authentic. 

This discovery stream was designed with those trends in mind. Our industry leading experts are bringing you up to speed with best practice and research backed skills to transition into your next leadership role. 

Learn from companies such as McLean & Company, HumaniHR, Shopify, Deloitte and more...

Money + Finance

This discovery stream was designed to help you get comfortable having conversations about money, both personal and business, so that you can play a more active and informed role in you financial futures, or feel comfortable seeking help. 

You have more control and opportunity than you think. In managing money at home, at work and in exploring a career in the financial services industry.

In this stream we will cover: 

  • Your Money Mindset with Vanessa Bowen of Mint Worthy Co.  
  • Your Personal Finances with Dana Mitchell of Basis Wealth.
  • Your Revenue Breakthrough with Jillian Bowman. 
  • Exploring A Career in Finance Services with Meredythe Spence of Canada Life

Use these lessons and our mentors to get curious and explore your relationship with money.  Connect with others in our program to learn and grow.


In this discovery stream you’ll have the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship and innovation! It is about figuring out if, and how, this career path could work for you and move you confidently towards your goals. 

For some, nothing beats the freedom of being your own boss. With freedom comes flexibility to make your own schedule and not have to answer to anyone. You’ll also have the satisfaction of making your own decisions. Starting your own business can be risky, but with that risk comes reward. 

Others may think that you have to act a certain way, look a certain way or work a certain way to be an entrepreneur and they don't have the skills, experience or desire to pursue this career option.  

Use these lessons and our mentors to get curious and explore this pathway.  Connect with others in our program to learn and grow. This stream was designed to help you explore and refine possible business ideas, identify your potential customers and what you need to get started. 

Learn practical steps for launching your business with instructors and mentors from Rotman, RevoloutionHer, MaRS, Scotiabank and more...

Digital Skills

This module was designed to give you tools, strategies and know how to be an effective remote worker and explore the increasing opportunities in the technology sector.

A career move into tech gives you more options. It might seem like, as you get older, the number of career options is less and less. But, by gaining tech skills and understanding the opportunities available to you, you can open the door at so many companies, in and out of the tech industry. 

Together, with our instructors and mentors, we’ll demystify careers in technology and discover some of the cool things women in this community are doing in the technology space. I bet some of it will surprise you - especially because you may not have thought of it as technology before. Did you know that tellent is a tech company? In doing this exact work, I shifted my own mindset around opportunities and possibilities in tech. Who knew! 

You don't have to have a Masters in Data Science or Cybersecurity to do well in this industry. Success in this sector is about your capacity and interest in learning. Tech skills are needed for all kinds of jobs, such as marketing, social media management, project management, product management, content creation, customer support, and more.

The tech industry is also pretty flexible, supporting work outside the traditional office and traditional constructs - think more opportunities for remote, contract or part-time roles. 

Are you ready to start exploring with insights from companies such as Xpan, Deloitte, ChicGeek and more? 

Accelerate Your Success

From the day you begin the program, you’ll have instant access to the Propeller Experience community (our Accelerator). Our curriculum is world class but so is our community and network. We truly get further faster by working together and our group excels as this!

Whether it is through our group coaching calls, weekly Mastermind events, sharing resources or posting an ask for support on the platformthis private community is where we gather. Where we connect and offer, as well as receive, support from each other

You're not going to do this alone.

Here you’ll get:

Growth Labs. Every Monday, we offer an opportunity to network, mastermind and explore new ideas and concepts that relate to your unique career path with a group of women in career transition. This is your mastermind / accountability / networking group! 

Weekly Group CoachingEvery week on Wednesdays, we host live Coaching Hours on various topics to support you in your journey. In a small group setting you will have the opportunity to present any roadblocks or hurdles you're facing and engage with your Coach and fellow women to get clear on your next action (however big or small!) 

Networking events with our community of female job seekers, entrepreneurs and coaches. The power of our collective network is immense and it is how over 60% - 80% of people find their next client or job. 

A library of 40+ career development videos by our coaches and freelancers. We cover everything from goal setting to resume design to how to make your side hustle your main hustle. 

Flexible work listings and word of mouth opportunities are shared on a weekly basis with a note if an introduction can be made. 

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