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Why Your Job Search is a Two-Way Street

career alignment career change career transition job search linkedin return to work worth Feb 28, 2023

The job search can be a daunting undertaking for even the most experienced professional. 

To make it easier for you, our graduates from the Propeller Experience (who have just successfully transitioned into their next career opportunity) wanted to share their tips and insights for landing the job that you really want. 

Their number one piece of advice -  “use your energy wisely - take a targeted approach in line with your goal”

Coming in at a close second was to - “remember that your job search is a two way street. They want you as much as you want them. Believe in your worth”. 


It’s time to take your power back and get out of the trenches:

  • No more mindlessly scrolling through jobs
  • No more automated messages on Linkedin
  • No more accepting less than what you’re worth because you feel like it’s not possible for you
  • No more ignoring your gut feeling on a role that isn’t right for you


Here are a few tips to get your search off on the right track. 


Know What You Want

If we’re taking a targeted approach to our job search, the first step to getting started is identifying the target! What do you want? Doing the inner work beforehand, to identify what you want out of your career and your next move, is a critical first step. It also keeps you energized and motivated throughout your job search. 

When the alignment is there, then doing all the other tasks related to your job search, such as researching organizations, networking and looking up industry trends feels easier; more interesting, and dare I say, even exciting, to explore the possibilities that are open and available to you. 


Understand What You Bring To The Table

When evaluating potential opportunities, it's important to remember that while organizations may be looking for specific skill sets, they are ultimately looking beyond just a skill set when deciding who fits best into their team culture. 

Take some time during your job search process to reflect on what unique qualities and experiences make you stand out from other candidates; these could include areas such as problem solving, communication skills, creativity or even hobbies outside of work! 


Look beyond just your work experiences for the skills you’ve built over the years! 

It's essential to recognize what makes you special so that employers can see how much value you would add if hired. For them to see it though, you must first see it (and feel it)! 


Women from our Propeller Experience Community recommend creating a “Brag Book” - crack open that journal and write out all of your wins. 

Write them out under education, career, life, community - think about what it took to raise kids, to study and work, to project manage a move or renovation, or to plan and execute a family vacation!! Feel proud of your accomplishments. 

If you would like our Brag Book workbook, please reach out to us on LinkedIn and we will send it through. It’s a powerful exercise for remembering how freaking great you are. 


Interview Them. 

Yes, you are reading that correctly. Your job search truly is a two way street. Ask your own questions in your job interview. 

You’ve done the research on the company and from the outside believe this is a good fit. The interview is your chance to dive deeper.

It allows you to see if you want to work there from a culture and role fit perspective. Your questions can help you determine the reality of the role and the culture.

Plus, it will show your future employer that you did your research, you are interested and you are the best person for the role.

An interview isn’t just a chance for the hiring manager to grill you—it’s your opportunity to figure out whether this role, company, or team is good for you. Is it in line with what you want?  


At its core, your job search should represent an effort between both parties – yourself and potential employers – when you win, they win. 


Take a targeted approach in your job search. Get clear on what you want and step into your worth. Get excited about the possibilities and opportunities open to you. Your excitement and belief in your potential will translate to your future employer. 


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