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Year in Review. Who’s the real winner?

aviva canada canada life career goals paystone propeller experience randstad tellent wins Dec 22, 2022

I think we both are! 

2022 was a huge year for tellent –  not only for our team, but for the army of talented women who reconnected with their professional potential and expanded their possibilities! 

Thank you for making our favourite moments from this year possible, and for being a part of this incredible community. You are the reason we have been able to have such big impact this year. 

As I take a moment to reflect on the year, here is what I am most proud of…

  • We helped 211 women find new jobs, new careers and new opportunities in line with what they want - their version of success - through the Propeller Experience. 
  • We launched a brand new Job Search Accelerator program, called leveller, and ran it with the best partner possible Aviva Canada. The career guidance, mentorship and community built BLEW MY SOCKS off!!! We want to run more in 2023!
  • We found a corporate partner as committed as we are to increasing women’s economic opportunity e.g. YOU making and keeping more money - Canada Life! They partnered with us to launch a NEW discovery stream, one aimed at increasing women’s financial empowerment and exploring opportunities in the industry.
  • With Randstad Canada, our program partner, we expanded our reach and impact by building a FRENCH Mindset Module and discovery stream. How cool is that?! Now even more women living in Canada can access this work.
  • With the amazing team at Paystone we were able to create a scholarship for five Ukrainian refugees to participate in the Propeller Experience.
  • We partnered with the YWCA and The Career Foundation of Canada to support women through the Propeller Experience and I delivered my first ever virtual Masterclass - I’m going to be doing way more of those in 2023! What a trip! 

✨ Jenna got a new job after a 15 year career break, bought a car, got a promotion and now out earns her husband. 

✨ Rebecca recovered from burnout and created a part-time opportunity that leverages and values her 15+ years of experience, doing work she loves. 

✨ Kathryn prototyped her new business idea and now offers consulting services that fills her soul (and pays her well). She shows up and gives back in our community every single Monday. 

✨ Christie has gone from confidence in her abilities to confidence in her worth

✨ Gauri started

✨ Steph negotiated her worth on a new contract. Keeping the budget the same but cutting the hours in half. 

… this list of just some of our wins is what LIFTS me up. It is why I do what I do. Why I, and my stellar team of coaches, mentors and colleagues show up every day. Together, we are changing not just your individual lives, but the opportunities available to women all across the country. 


On our last Monday Growth Lab the group I shared what I was most proud of… the answer is you. 


In a weird way, 2022 was all about 2023. We can’t tell you everything that’s coming next year, but take our word for it—there’s never been a better time to be part of this community and network. 

Thank you for choosing and trusting us to be your partner in your career journey. 

This holiday season, and every season, I am grateful for you. 

Founder and CEO
tellent and The Propeller Experience. 

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