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Small Steps, Big Dreams: The Journey to Becoming an Author

author book dream goals Mar 28, 2024

Have you ever felt the whisper of an untold story lingering in your heart? Or envisioned your name etched on the cover of a book that may someday sit on a reader's shelf, perhaps even nestled between bestsellers?

For many of us, the idea of writing a book remains a quiet aspiration. Yet, it's an aspiration that speaks to the very core of who we are - a constant whisper in our hearts to tell our story.

In our community, where the expertise of coaches and the passions of members fuse, we foster an environment that nurtures those quiet whispers. This week, we had the privilege of hosting a coaching session with Susan Crossman, an esteemed author and mentor, whose insights illuminated the path to get started.

Here are some of my key takeaways from the collaborative discussion and shared insights.

Your Story Matters! Yes, Yours!

We all have tales to tell and wisdom to share. "But what if I'm not good enough?" Stop right there! You've got a treasure trove of experiences, and guess what? They make your voice rare and your story a must-read.

Many aspiring authors grapple with self-doubt and imposter syndrome, voices that insidiously question our capability and qualifications to write. Often preventing us from taking that first step.

But, our very life experiences, however ordinary they may appear, have already furnished us with a wealth of material and a perspective entirely our own. Recognizing the worth in our unique stories is the first step toward quelling those doubts.

There has never been, and never will be, someone with your unique experiences, perspectives and beliefs. In fact, Susan believes that authorship might be more than just an ambition; it might be a slice of our destiny. If the whispers and nudges are there, get curious and be open to listening.

Write to Ignite!

Writing, according to Susan, is fundamentally an act of serving others. She stresses the importance of penning our tales with a spirit of authenticity and generosity. The stories we share can resonate with readers in profound ways, offering comfort, enlightenment, or motivation, and... it can be told in many ways. Not just putting pen to paper - especially in this digital age.

Writing is not just about following rules or sticking to conventional norms. It's an expression of your unique self – so let it flow! Her advice, "whether you're penning a novel or non-fiction, don't be afraid to take creative leaps and explore new ways to tell your story."

You Don't Have To Do It Alone.

The idea of writing a book can feel overwhelming! But Susan encourages starting with manageable steps, capturing stories and ideas piece by piece. This approach is a comforting reminder that significant accomplishments are often composed of small, consistent actions.

And... You don't have to do it alone. Writing a book is not just a solitary pursuit – it's a chance to connect with others who share your passion for storytelling.

She encourages aspiring authors to join writing groups, attend workshops, or even reach out to other authors for support and inspiration. Building connections within the writing community can keep you inspired, help you grow as a writer and open up new opportunities for collaboration.

Susan's own narrative is a testament to the power of perseverance. Her transition from journalism to authorship, overcoming personal challenges, and eventually publishing her first book at the age of forty, exemplifies how steadfast commitment can lead to fulfillment of one's writing aspirations.

Trust in your nudges my friends and those whispers in your heart. Your story is uniquely yours.

Connect with Susan Crossman

Website: Crossman Communications

LinkedIn: Susan Crossman Profile

To gain access to a trove of free resources that will support you on your writing venture, subscribe to Susan's newsletter. Her guidance could be the catalyst for taking those small steps that lead to the fulfillment of your big dreams. Remember, every great book, every profound story, begins with the bravery to start and the persistence to continue. Your voice matters; may it find its way onto the pages of your dream.

---This blog post is dedicated to the pursuit of passions and the art of crafting narratives. Whether you're considering writing your first book or looking to refine your existing work, we hope this session has ignited a spark within you to explore authorship. Until next time, keep writing and keep dreaming.

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