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I’ve had a career break, how the hell am I going to find a job?

career alignment career break goals job search return to work returners Aug 08, 2022

Finding a job that excites you, pays you well and gives you the flexibility you want to sustain the life you’ve built for yourself, is possible! It involves some work, but not the kind you’re thinking! 

Many women who join the Propeller Experience program have had a career break. They come to us asking for help in finding a job. Usually, a role that is remote, or part-time or one where they can leave their work at work so that they can continue to live the life they’ve built with their families. Sound familiar?

All of this is great stuff - they’ve started to identify what it is that they want. Where we run into a bit of trouble is when I ask them what they want to do, or how much they want to get paid, or what their goals are. More often than not, they don’t have the answer to those questions. 

Somewhere in their journey, they lost touch with what it is that they want when it comes to paid work, losing their self-confidence, and sometimes themselves along the way. 

I’ve heard comments from women in our program like, “I’m so out of touch, I’ll never be able to catch up with the technology or learn all the new systems. Maybe I should take a more junior role, or take a lower salary. Actually, maybe I should just take an administrative role organizing calendars! I can do that in my sleep.” 

Returning to the workforce after a career break can feel overwhelming even to the most self assured professional. I’m here to tell you that your period away did not magically erase your skills, or vaporize your opportunities, but it’s likely it did impact your professional confidence. 

That belief that you can…

  • have a career and a family
  • work part-time and get paid well
  • have a career break and not have to restart at entry level

Our confidence and inner belief is a bit like a balloon! Over time, it loses air, slowly depleting until it feels like there is not much left. Like the balloon, rebuilding your professional confidence to reenter the workforce, to believe that you can get what you want in work and life, starts with that first breath. Which we all know from hosting many children’s parties, is the hardest. 

Now, your instinct might be to start your return journey by googling “part-time jobs” or “flexible jobs” or “remote jobs”.... Lets mute Alexa for the moment and pause the job search process until our balloon has a bit of air in it! 

Here’s how to take the first big breath:

  1. Create a vision for what you want. The first step in returning to work is to create a vision on what you want in your life - both at home and at work. Make a list of what matters the most to you, your values. This list will serve as a compass, helping to guide you towards your goals. 
  2. Who do you believe you are? If you see yourself as unworthy, not qualified, fallen behind, that is how others will also see you. Use your new vision, how do you want people to see you, how do you want to be? Tip… Go back to a time in your life where you were crushing it… What did it feel like? What were you wearing? Think about your body language – how were you moving and holding yourself? Use that memory to boost your confidence whenever you’re doubting yourself. This exercise works miracles with our clients. 
  3. Women re-enter the workforce everyday. We have many women in our program who have started where you are right now. Connect with them, learn from their journeys and build your network. These women understand what you’re going through and want to help. 

What you want is possible. You can be what you want, do what you want and have what you want. Once you’ve got that air back in your balloon, get ready to show it off (but avoid cacti or kids with safety pins).

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