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So you've reached your goal... Now what?

Oct 05, 2022

So, you found a job, got promoted, launched your business, started believing in yourself again…. Ah-mazing! So now what?

When we reach our goals, it's normal to relax and forget about the journey that got us there. We've closed the distance from where we were to where we wanted to be - the distance or stretch that used to motivate us. Without a new goal, a new aiming point, many people tend to revert to their old behaviours. 

For example, last year Sarah, a woman from our Propeller Community, landed a job that was in line with her aiming point. She went through the Propeller Experience and put in the time and effort to find a job that had an amazing culture, that would give her the flexibility to spend time with her family and do work in line with her skills and experience. She stepped back from the community and into her living her best life having achieved her aiming point! 

Six months later, Sarah called Jenny.

I don’t know what to do Jenny. I love my company, love my boss, love the culture but I’m bored. I know I’m capable of doing so much more and I feel like this role is not leveraging my potential. I have so much more to offer”.  

Jenny suggested she revisit lesson one in the Mindset Module - “Sarah - what do you want?” She had forgotten that she could keep going back to that question, that she could be grateful for what she had and want more! She came back a week later with a new aiming point. Once she had done the work to identify and overcome her limiting beliefs, she adopted the self image of someone who had successfully written their own job description and proposed it to their COO.


Not only did she build a new role for herself within the company doing what she wanted, she got a raise. 


For so many years people thought the world was flat. It was only once one person had sailed to the “edge” that everyone’s beliefs changed.

That is what our community does. We open up each other’s eyes to what is possible so that we can be what we want, do what we want and have what we want. 

Then, we go back to lesson one in the mindset module and do it all again!

Growing, learning, stretching and thriving. Not alone, but with a collective and community of women who will challenge you, inspire you, encourage you and hold you accountable to being the you that you choose. 

I’m happy to report that Sarah just bought a house. 

So what comes next for you? 

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