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Overcoming your Limiting Beliefs

mindset Sep 12, 2022

Are you tired of that little voice in your head getting in the way of a life and career you truly want?

One of the most common mental roadblocks women face are limiting beliefs. Having the courage to ask the right questions and facing those limiting beliefs head on will allow you to fast track into the success story you desire.

According to the National Science Foundation, our brains can produce as many as 50,000 thoughts per day. Ninety-five percent of these thoughts are repeated daily! Your thoughts filtered from your subconscious become beliefs.


What are limiting beliefs you ask? Limiting beliefs are rigid assumptions (most of the time unconscious!) that are actually stopping you from going out and doing the darn thing! They want to keep you as comfortable as possible in this cozy little box and are expertly masked as "reasons." 

Limiting beliefs could look like:

  • I need to earn $XXXX to live the life I want
  • I'm too old to make this big change in my life
  • I don't have anything of value to offer
  • My family won't be able to stay afloat if I do this for myself

So what now? The first step is to identify your limiting beliefs. They can be about yourself, about the world around you or about life the way you see it in general. Think of an area in your life where you are unhappy and keep asking yourself why? The more “why’s” you can do the better so you can truly get to the root of your limiting belief. Let’s say your belief is: “I’m too old to make this career change.”

Then, ask yourself - “What if this isn’t actually true?” Once you realize that you give the power to any action or thought you have, you now realize that only you have the power to change that! It’s a totally scary but also comforting thing. “What if I’m not too old for my dream career?”

Finally, it’s time to create new beliefs. This is not to necessarily magically change your perspective, but it will put you into the habit of recognizing that you have choices. “Sure I’m older than most of the team but so what? Maybe my age can bring experience and a new perspective to the table.”

In a recent article, Mark Manson describes this famous story of a baby elephant who is tied to a fence. After a few attempts the baby elephant is unable to free itself! Eventually, it gives up and makes peace with the fact that it will never be able to get away.

A few years go by and this baby elephant is all grown up! With gigantic legs, huge tusks and a beautifully strong trunk. The elephant could easily walk away from the fence if it wanted to but believes the fence cannot be moved and so stays put tied to the fence for the rest of its days. Same goes for your unconscious thoughts!

In the end, you need to do some dirty work of unearthing what is making you feel stuck before moving forward with confidence, each step can be SO SCARY! But having someone there every step of the way to cheer you on, reassure you and give you small actionable items every single week can make it feel a little less daunting. Here at the Propeller Experience, we show up for you in a way that makes space to ask the right questions and get inspired by other members' stories, experiences and wins. Find out more about the Propeller Experience HERE.

Resources: Mark Manson

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