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I can’t… or can you? We've got your back in 2023.

2023 career goals mindset propeller experience stuck Dec 30, 2022
  • I can’t get the job I want and have flexibility in my career. 
  • No one will hire me with a career gap this size. 
  • I don’t have the right experience to do what I really want to do. 
  • I’m not good enough, or smart enough.
  • … the list goes on. 

If you have had these thoughts… you are completely normal and not alone. It is where all the women in our Propeller Program start. They start STUCK

Stuck in what they think about themselves. Stuck in how they feel about their opportunities and possibilities. Stuck in their past and current circumstances. 

How can you ever grow, reach your goals or be truly happy if you believe the above statements about yourself? How can you dream about what is possible if you don’t believe it is available to you. 

You and only you have the power and resource to change your thoughts, change your circumstance and ultimately change your career and life. 

This is what we do through the Propeller Experience. 

We peel back the layers of programming from our childhood, society, our work experiences and gendered stereotypes and ask ourselves “what is it that I truly want”. I know… it’s hella scary. We’ve been conditioned to believe that to want is bad, that we should be grateful for what we have, that wanting (and getting) is for other people. 

But here is a little secret I'm going to let you in on - your happiness is the greatest gift you can give your kids, your employer, your family and yourself. To want is not bad, in fact, to want is the best, most right thing you can do for yourself and those around you. 

🎊 When Tracey got clear on what she wanted out of her career, she was able to land a job with the flexibility she wanted for her family, she booked their dream vacation and she got two promotions in less than a year. 

❤️ When Jenna was able to shed the “shoulds” and take the time to explore what she wanted as a mum, a wife and personally, she was able to recognize her worth and re-enter the workforce with double the pay she set out to get and a schedule that allowed her to be the mom, wife and human she wanted to be outside of work. 

✨ When Kathryn dove deep into her values and explored what legacy and impact she really wanted it to have, she was able to align her personal and professional goals. She launched a BCORP consulting company and now sets her own hours, allowing her to travel back to the UK to visit family. 

Clarity around what you want, plus a belief in yourself, in your potential, will open a whole new realm of possibilities and opportunities to you. 

🎊 Tracey did not think she could work from home, grow in her career and get paid what she wanted. Before she started the program, she wouldn’t have even looked at that company or opportunity she ended up getting. 

❤️ Jenna believed that she could only get a minimum wage role because she had a 15 year career break. She never would have dreamed that she could negotiate her salary or her schedule - and that they would agree to it!

✨ Kathryn didn’t know what was available to her or where to start. She did not believe that you could design your career and life. That you could create and build a job and career that you were passionate about and earn money. 

This program isn’t for “other” people. This program is for you. 

We turn your “can’t” into a “can”. And we do it together. 

Because when you’re ready to say “yes” to you and to your happiness - you get a team of women, coaches and mentors supporting you, championing you and walking beside you every step of the way. 

So if you’re ready… ready to step into your possibilities, join us and start 2023 off right.

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