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Unleashing Potential: Cheryl’s Guide to Overcoming Mindset Barriers

achieving goals mindsest personal development personal growth positive networking professional development May 13, 2024

In the realm of personal and professional development, understanding the power of our mindset is pivotal. During our recent Coaching Hour "Overcoming Mindset Hurdles," Cheryl Himburg, a certified mindset and executive coach, offered profound insights into how we can harness our mindset to achieve ambitious results. 

With her rich background, incorporating corporate experience and training in neuroscience, Cheryl has been empowering women to step into their power and craft the futures they envision for themselves.

From Zero to Hero - Cheryl's Transformative Journey

Cheryl opened the session by sharing her own transformational story. Growing from a young single mom grappling with self-worth to founding a successful coaching business, her path is a testament to the power of community, collaboration, and an empowered mindset. It’s a narrative that resonates deeply, especially for those standing at the precipice of their potential, looking for a way to leap forward.

Mindset vs. Attitude – Unpacking the Subconscious

One of the most enlightening moments of the hour was when Cheryl distinguished between 'mindset' and 'attitude.' While we often use these terms interchangeably, Cheryl clarified that mindset refers to our deeply ingrained perceptions, driving 95% of our thinking and actions subconsciously. On the other hand, attitude reflects our conscious choices and efforts, representing just 5% of our cognitive processes. This differentiation underscores the immense influence of our early experiences and environments on our current selves and highlights the necessity of mindful intervention to cultivate a productive mindset.

Breaking the Autopilot Cycle

Through a hands-on exercise, participants were encouraged to identify habits that might be holding them back from reaching their goals. Cheryl emphasized the importance of recognizing the roots of these behaviours – often buried deep in our past – and the courage required to actively choose to break these cycles, an endeavour both daunting and liberating.

Envisioning a Purposeful Future

Moving beyond the confines of present circumstances or external expectations, Cheryl led a "have-do-be" exercise aimed at clarifying what attendees truly desire from life and their careers. She fostered a space where participants felt empowered to dream and plan for the life they yearn for, not just what they think they should strive for based on societal norms or pressures.

Navigating External Negativity

An impactful story shared by one of our participants touched on receiving negative feedback from a more experienced peer. Cheryl adeptly navigated this by offering strategies to deal with such external criticism. She highlighted the importance of cultivating a supportive network that doesn’t just echo our thoughts but provides constructive, growth-oriented feedback.

Looking Ahead – Accountability and Action

Concluding the session, we revisited the central pillars of Cheryl’s approach, emphasizing accountability, encouragement, and the significance of continuous support in overcoming mindset hurdles. Participants were urged to stay connected, reach out for personalized coaching, and continue exploring the depths of their potential with Cheryl’s guidance.

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