We are tellent.

We exist to serve women like you.

tellent's mission is to accelerate women's progress in the workplace and increase opportunity equity. We are a diversity recruitment and social impact organization.

We believe that collaboration, innovation and collective action is required to create lasting and impactful change in our society and in our economy. Diversity of thought and full access to all talent will be required to stay innovative and relevant in the future of work.

We support women of all race, colour and religion including cis-women, transgender, non-binary people and those who are otherwise marginalized.

The Propeller Experience is first aid for your career.

tellent created the The Propeller Experience as our response to closing the disproportionate gap mid-level career women are experiencing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. These problems were always here, but evidently more exasperated with the onset of this unprecedented situation. Not only are women left to navigate a new way of working in response to the shift to remote work, many have to act as primary caregiver to families while working full time. Furthermore, entire industries that were primarily female-dominated, have been virtually wiped out. This has left women feeling hopeless, burnt out and fed up as they search for new work or struggle to adjust their lives to the changes and challenges the pandemic has hurdled at them. 

The Propeller Experience is a digital course that marries a mindset and skillset based learning approach. For the first 4 weeks, course participants complete extensive mindset work to reframe what’s possible for their career (and life), clarifying the skills needed to achieve their newly established career goals. This is accompanied by live coaching sessions to provide guidance and actionable steps to keep participants on track. At the 5 week mark, participants are granted access to an extensive skills set library of videos and workbooks to develop what will be most beneficial to fulfilling their career goals, faster. Skill set streams include digital, entrepreneurship or leadership. At the onset of the course and for a six month period, participants are enrolled in the tellent Ecosystem, where they will build their professional network, and continue to be nurtured as they work through the course content and toward fulfilling their new-found career objectives.

About Our Founder

Jennifer Hargreaves is an entrepreneur and problem solver, transforming the way that work, works for women to create more diverse, inclusive and equal opportunities.

As the CEO and Founder of tellent and the Propeller Experience, Jennifer is supporting the rise and empowerment of women in the workforce. Tellent helps professional women find and build flexible work opportunities and leverages trends evolving in workforce and economic transformation to offer unique solutions to employers.

Jennifer is a thought leader and sought-after contributor on progressing women in the workforce and the rise of the gig economy. She was one of a select number of female leaders invited to join the Canada-US Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders roundtable in New York where she facilitated roundtable discussions with key diversity leaders around innovation, leadership and talent planning in the future of work.

Jennifer has a professional background that spans four continents across brand strategy and international market development. While her primary school teachers didn’t appreciate her questions challenging “why”, she has become known for her enthusiasm to impact change and thinking outside of the box.