We are tellent

We connect women's limitless potential to the professional world. 

Through our group coaching program and collective, the Propeller Experience, we unlock the career potential of mid-career women and accelerate their results - in the workforce and in their personal lives. 

We are the authority at creating communitycareer clarity and the inner confidence for women to pursue success on their terms.

When you apply what we teach, there’s no limitation to what’s possible for your future.

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Our Origin Story 

tellent created the the Propeller Experience as a response to the disproportionate impact mid-level career women experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

These problems were always here, but evidently more exasperated with the onset of this unprecedented situation. Not only are women left to navigate a new way of working in response to the shift to remote work, many have to act as primary caregiver to families while working full time. Furthermore, entire industries that were primarily female-dominated, were virtually wiped out.

This has left women feeling hopeless, burnt out and fed up as they search for new work or struggle to adjust their lives to the changes and challenges the pandemic has hurdled at them. We brought these women together with over 30 instructors, mentors, coaches and guides and gave them a solution. A solution that would help them to navigate their next career move without compromise and with community. 

The program has grown and evolved and every day, we help women to get more out of their careers - more of what they want. Maybe it's more money, more impact, more influence, more alignment, more growth, more freedom, but always MORE OF THEMSELVES, without compromise. 

Join the hundreds of women who are choosing to invest in themselves. 


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Meet Our Team

Jenny Hargreaves

Hi, Jenny here! I am the Founder and CEO of tellent. I am an entrepreneur and problem solver committed to unleashing the power of women and increasing access to opportunity for all. 

In 2016 I launched tellent with a mission to change the way that work works for women and to create more inclusive and equal opportunities to earn, without compromise. In 2016, what I wanted from my career and my life no longer felt possible in the traditional work environment, so I set out to build it. Not just for me, but for every woman who felt like she has had to compromise on pay, growth, family or passion when navigating her career choices. All opportunities were not created equal, we set out to change that.  

In my work you will find me challenging the status quo and contributing on topics pertaining to the progression women in the workforce, the future of work, and the rise of the gig economy. You can view more of my media contributions here. In my life, you will find me challenging my husband and living my best life with my two children! You can follow me personally on Instagram here

My professional experience spans three continents across brand strategy and international market development. While my primary school teachers didn’t appreciate my questions challenging “why”, I embrace that curiosity and the perspective that comes with challenging the status quo to create impactful and lasting change. 

I am me. Without compromise. 


Kadine Cooper

Kadine is one of tellent's Resident Job Search Advisors and Corporate Facilitators. She guides and support professionals who are on their path to wanting more. She has been helping clients throughout her career to gain clarity and lay the framework towards a more purpose driven path in life and their careers. 
Leveraging her strength in HR and career development her mission is to empower women to own their greatness with confidence, lead authentic personal and professional lives filled with happiness, contentment, and energy, all while rising to their true potential for greatness. 

Allison Lockett

Allison is our Recruitment and Compensation Consultant. She supports corporate and small business clients in sourcing great talent and rewarding them strategically. Allison is also the founder of Allison Lockett Services, specializing in professional coaching, career development programs, and building workplaces that support people and their potential. Allison holds an HBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business at Western University and an MBA from Queen’s University, and has extensive training in professional coaching, communication, yoga and creative arts. 

Bianca Rhéaume

Bianca is our Digital Marketing and Community Manager

I’m a content strategist and creative. My daily mission is help incredible business owners create educational, feel-good and relevant content to capture their audience.

Outside my business on the internet, I’m a fitness and wellness homebody living in Toronto, ON. You can find me sipping chai lattes and listening to podcasts and personal development books.