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Unlock your professional potential and reimagine what’s possible in your career. 

The Propeller Experience is a coaching program and collective for women ready to get “more” from their careers - more of what they want. Maybe it's more money, more impact, more influence, more alignment, more growth, more freedom, but always MORE YOU.

Be you, get more, without apology.


Proudly dedicated to advancing women's progress and equal opportunity in the workforce.

Do You Want More? 

Your life and your talent is too precious to spend one more day feeling stuck, overwhelmed, lost or unfulfilled. 

We have seen too many professional women settle in their careers, giving up on what they truly want and losing their self-confidence, and themselves, along the way. 

So we created The Propeller Experience. A coaching program and collective to help you reconnect with your professional potential, expand your opportunities and get excited about your next career move.

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Is This Program For Me?

Mom of three, exploring her return to work after a 15 year career break. 

"I just wanted to say thank you! For creating this amazing space. It's been life changing for me and I am so excited to see where else this leads me!"

Mid-career professional who felt stuck in a series of dead end roles.

"I got a promotion today! I wrote up the job description that I really wanted and submitted it to the higher-ups. They accepted it this morning. As of today, I am the new E-commerce & Product Data Specialist (and I got a raise!) I couldn't have done it without all of your help and this program, I am immensely grateful."

Mid-career professional suffering from burn out.

"I’m excited about the opportunity, a bit nervous about the process but I'm just so darn proud of myself that I can actually see myself in a role like that again. That wouldn’t have been possible back in Jan/Feb of this year when we first talked! Thank you."

Professional woman feeling frustrated and undervalued in her current role. 

"I feel like I am living the my dream right now - I have started a new job after several years of trying to figure things out. What the course gave me was: confidence, the right language, the right mindset, the connections and the belief in myself which I had lost over the years. For years I whined that no one would ever hire me or see my potential.

I realize now that it was all in my head - I am NOT too old, I am NOT a tech-dinasour, I am NOT unemployable, I CAN make it through an algorithm and I CAN get my dream job, cuz I did. I LOVE the work I am doing in my new job. I aimed, and I got it."

Immigrant with an eight year career break.

"This program has really blown my mind. Finding a career that works for me has felt like an almost overwhelming challenge where the goal creeps further away the longer I leave it. This program validated and built upon my skill set, with incredible instructors and coaches who were championing me the whole way, inspiring me to follow my career dreams because I can do it, I have what it takes and I'm worth it."

Mom who felt under valued and uninspired at work and home. 

"I feel like I’m in a positive feedback cycle now. My new role and lack of commute means that I can get enough sleep, which makes my mood better, which makes me make better decisions, which makes me eat healthier, which makes me feel better and so I go to bed earlier! I’m a better parentbetter partnerbetter worker and the best version of myself. Thank you!"

If you identify as a woman and are ready to stop treading water, stop settling and start taking ownership and responsibility for your life and career... this program is for you. 


What is the Propeller Experience? 

The Propeller Experience is a virtual coaching program and collective that helps women reconnect with their professional potential and reimagine what is possible in their careers by giving them the community, career clarity and the inner confidence to pursue success on their terms.

Our program kicks off with a four week Mindset Reset, followed by our proprietary Possibilities and Accelerator Programming. No woman will be left behind in their journey!!

Be you, get more, without apology.

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Program Milestones

Had a vision and clarity of what inspires you in your career (and life).


Could name and claim your professional limiting beliefs... and get over them.


Designed worth into your career plan and stopped settling.


How would it feel to have a community and collective of coaches, mentors, guides and other women supporting you every step of the way on your journey?

Are You Coming?

Your success is just one click away. 


What does an investment in the Propeller Experience include?

Your investment of $1,052 gives you six months access to our Mindset Reset, Possibilities and Accelerator Programming. Reconnect with your professional potential and reimagine your career possibilities. 

Your program kicks off with a four week Mindset Reset which includes:

  • World class curriculum and textbook
  • Twice weekly live group coaching and mentorship
  • Guided meditations
  • Email support
  • BONUS: 60 minute mentorship and career strategy call with one of our Senior tellent Advisors. 

In addition to your Mindset Reset, you will have access to our proprietary Possibilities and Accelerator Programming. This is our assurance that no woman gets left behind. That you are fully supported as you reimagine what your career will look like and have the acceleration strategies and community to keep you moving forward. 

Your Possibilities and Accelerator Programming includes:  

  • On demand access to over 20 hours of content from thought leaders and mentors across Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Technology sectors to aid in your career exploration, learning and development. 
  • Twice weekly live group coaching and masterminding with the collective
  • A private community platform 
  • Your dream network. Professional women operating with values of abundance, collaboration and generosity. Women who are committed to seeing you succeed in your version of success. 
  • BONUSInsider one-on-one Coaching Rates with our tellent selected and verified coaches.  

You Have Infinite Potential

The Propeller Experience


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The Propeller Experience

$440 x 3

Payment Plan - 3 Monthly Payments



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The Propeller Experience

$220 x 6

Payment Plan - 6 Monthly Payments



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"Participating in Propeller has easily been a highlight in my professional development of the last decade, and definitely a light at the end of the tunnel during a challenging (devastating?) year. I feel empowered, excited about the future and equipped to take on work that is worth it.- Kelley

Your Propeller Experience Schedule

Mindset Reset • 4 Weeks

In Module One, we get clear on what you want and the path that will get you there. Discover the opportunities available to you and set yourself on an inspired path to action. You have access to group Coaching Hour calls every week so you're not travelling down this road alone.

In the Mindset Module you will have access to easy-to-follow videos, weekly group coaching sessions, guided meditations, journaling exercises and live support from the Propeller team and your peers. 

You are your best investment. 

See How It Works

Explore Your Possibilities 

Module Two. With your new found goals (we call it an aiming point) and inner belief that you can be, do, and have what you want in your career and your life, we're going to explore what is POSSIBLE and help you to REIMAGINE what your career can look like. 

We've got over 20 hours of on-demand content from thought leaders and mentors across Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Technology sectors to help you discover new opportunities, new pathways and new passions!

We found the movers, shakers and deal makers. The zen-masters, mindset re-framers and “get you past your barrier” busters. We brought them all together under a common mission to help you reconnect with your professional potential and reimagine what is possible in your career.

You can be what you want, do what you want and have what you want. 

See How It Works

Accelerate Your Success

From the day you begin the program, you’ll have instant access to the Propeller Experience community (our Accelerator). Our curriculum is world class but so is our community and network. We truly get further faster by working together and our group excels at this!

Whether it is through our group coaching calls, weekly Mastermind events, sharing resources or posting an ask for support on the platformthis private community is where we gather. Where we connect and offer, as well as receive, support from each other

You're not going to do this alone.

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"I am now running my dream freelancing business one year ahead of schedule! Yes the pandemic has been hard, but I feel I have the support and tools to navigate the uncertainty." - Michelle

Here is what you will get from The Propeller Experience

  • Community - The people, relationships and network you need to help you reach your goals
  • Career Clarity - Direction, conviction and action surrounding your next career move 
  • Inner Confidence - Expanded possibilities and belief in your potential
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"They say your network is your net worth. I feel in such good company here. I've already booked a contract (and I negotiated the pay I wanted!) Thanks, tellent!" - Rose

Your Guide(s)

Jenny Hargreaves has been changing the lives of women through tellent for the last six years. With an unwavering belief in her mission to create more equal access to opportunity for all, she is constantly challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries of possibilities with her clients and with companies across Canada. 

As a visionary and leader, Jenny brought together the best of the best, founders, leaders, coaches and guides to support you in your journey. She found the movers, shakers and deal makers. The zen-masters, mindset reframers and “get you past your barrier” busters. She brought them all together under a common mission to help you reconnect with your professional potential and get what you want in your career and your life. 

Our core values here are collaboration, generosity and abundance. 

You will get further, faster by working together, as a collective, with us. 

Are you ready to join?

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Our Partners

When does The Propeller Experience start?

Today! From the moment you sign up your first lesson is unlocked and you'll gain instant access to our private Propeller Experience Community. This is the support you need, right when you need it the most.

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Our promise to you:

No fluff. Highly distilled lessons. Your time is your most precious resource (trust us we know!) and we want to respect and protect that. Lesson content is laser focussed and you’ll be asked to do only high-impact exercises that yield big results. Expect to spend a maximum of 1.5 hours per week on the video lesson plus action items (that’s three, 1/2 hour TV shows you’ll need to skip, but Netflix can wait, right?).

You’ll cover more ground, faster. You could comb the internet, join all the webinars, read piles of free guides, hire coaches and spend heaps of time and money trying to find the path to career liberation and satisfaction on your own, but we’ve done the leg work for you. Everything you need to kickstart your journey is right here. 

A career action plan you can get excited about. The cumulation of the mindset and accelerator modules will get you focused, and you’ll be on your way, with the resources and hands on support to take you to your perfect career destination.

The support you need, to get to where (and what) you want. The Propeller Experience Community gives you access to support groups for all the Propeller Experience teachings, weekly Coaching Hour calls, Growth Labs, Virtual Job Board, and a supportive community of other women like you  - everything you need to keep momentum and be held accountable to follow through on your plan. You have access for a whole 6 months!

You’re worth it. This program is worth the investment for a future ripe with opportunity. We promise you - you are worthy of the time, energy and investment necessary to take this program. Ask yourself this question: “If I already knew the answers to find and make work better work for myself, wouldn’t I have done it already?”

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Interested, but still not sure?

We get it! Hop on a complimentary discovery call with our founder Jenny Hargreaves and she’ll walk you through the program to determine if it’s the right fit for you (and likely give you some bonus job search or career advice you can implement, pronto!)

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Cancer survivor and totally phenomenal human who was feeling she’d lost her direction

I just want to say a huge thank you to Jenny and your whole team. The Propeller Experience has been a complete game changer in my life. I came into it thinking I would start a business with the skills I went to school for, that I do happen to be good at, and that everyone else thinks I should be doing.

I was blown away by the Mindset Reset, and I feel like I learned for the first time in my life to listen to my gut. For the past year or so I have been wanting to look into a career in health, which is a complete 180 from my skill set and I have no experience in. I just kept thinking about it. Then last year I went through treatment for cancer so my life was put on hold for a while.

That experience changed me and I feel like I came out of treatment with a lot of emotional issues to work through. Because of the Mindset Module and learning to listen to my gut, I have signed up for a Breast Cancer Thriver group coaching program, which I can't wait to start! This might sound small, but If I had not done the work in the Propeller Experience, I would have talked myself out of it. The course is expensive (like more money than I have ever spent on myself), and my past self wouldn't have felt worthy of spending that amount of money on me.

After doing the mindset work, I know I am worthy, and this is what I need to move forward and thrive in my life, and fulfill one of my aiming points of vibrant health.

I think I want to become a holistic health coach, and am looking into furthering my education in that, so I can have a career that I love, help other women and make an impact.

Sorry for the novel, but the Propeller Experience has absolutely changed my life for the better, and I'm so thankful I signed up! Thank you!