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Why'd we do it? We don't want price to be a barrier to help you find or create work that is worthy of you, in our new normal.

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Change your beliefs, change your life.

The Propeller Experience is an 8-week digital program and community for women who want more control over their careers, their salaries, their lives, and their opportunities. 

Whether you've lost your job, lost your industry or lost your direction, this course will stretch your thinking, challenge your assumptions and inspire you to be the person you were born to be… yourself.

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You feel like you're waking up on Ground Hog Day, Everyday. (We mean the Bill Murray version.)

  • Mondays suck extra bad right now. They are your reminder that you're facing another week without work.
  • You’re hearing crickets - you’re putting in the time and effort to get your resume out there, and haven’t seen the reward.
  • You’re landing interviews but don’t get the offer.
  • You're getting low balled. You know you are worth more, but feel employers are taking advantage of your situation.
  • You're applying to jobs that are way below your skill level.
  • Your plan to pivot to new industry is proving lofty and nearly impossible.
  • You're seeing a lot of jobs that don’t fit your life - no flexibility, no compromise.
  • You feel like your dream job is a pipe dream. You don't want to settle, but think you might have to...

The entire game is rigged. And this pandemic doesn't help.

  • In Canada, women's participation in the labour force is at a 30-year low and economists predict that rebounding to pre-COVID-19 levels won't be easy.
  • Women shoulder more child-care responsibilities than their male counterparts and have to refuse work or seek a reduction in hours with unreliable childcare.
  • Women tend to work in industries most affected by closures, earning losses and layoffs.
  • Women have a "Confidence Gap" that stops us from applying to roles we don't feel fully equipped to do - even though our male counterparts just go for it.

What's happening in your life right now is not your fault. But there is hope...


You were never meant to do this alone.
The Propeller Experience will be your guide. 

The program is made up of three modules:

Module 1: Mindset (4-weeks)

You'll get clear on what you really want, uncover opportunities and possibilities and set you on an inspired path to action. We'll have group coaching calls along the way, so you're not travelling down this road alone. 95% of your success is mindset and 5% is strategy.

Module 2: Skill Set (4-weeks)

You'll get practical skills training from industry leading experts on what you need to know and do, to achieve those goals you set out in Module 1. Choose from 3 rapid skills development streams: Entrepreneurship, Leadership or Digital Skills.

Module 3: Network (6-months)

You’re on the road to success now but don’t worry, we’re still here to support you. After you have graduated from your skill set course, you will move into our tellent Ecosystem for a whole 6-months!


Set aside just 2 hours per week for the course to benefit from:

  • Easy to follow videos 
  • “Doing” challenges
  • Live mentorship calls with industry experts
  • Group accountability and support

The core component of the program is eight weeks long and you will move through the training and modules with a group of your peers - women like you, who think that the status quo sucks and who want to design the next chapter of their careers how they really want it. All of the training is online and inside a private member-only site. 

Let's do it.

Hi, I'm Jenny! I built this program for you.

I'm Jennifer Hargreaves, the CEO and Founder of tellent, and my mission is to support the rise and empowerment of women in the workforce. tellent helps professional women find and build flexible work opportunities and leverages trends evolving in workforce and economic transformation to offer unique solutions to employers.

I built this program because I was sick of just hearing another dismal stat on how much women are suffering in all areas of their lives due to the pandemic. This is my answer to the problem. Feeling a bit fed up myself, I took action in the area I knew best - helping women to find or build work that worked for them.


You're In Good Company

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Here is what you will get from The Propeller Experience

  • Clarity - Know what you really want and take inspired action
  • Training - Get the skills you need to find or build your next opportunity
  • Network - Develop the relationships and network to get you there faster
  • Results - How does it feel to do work that you love and work that is worthy of you? How does it feel to get what you want and achieve the goals you set out for yourself? Umm… pretty FREAKING amazing
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We don’t want cost to be a barrier to you enrolling in this life-changing, career building program, and neither do our sponsors.

The total program cost is $1,975 CAD, but thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and our instructors, you can secure your spot for $280 CAD (that’s taxes in!) if you sign up now.

That includes the eight-week mindset and skill set training, as well as access to transition support through the online tellent ecosystem for an additional six months (the tellent ecosystem retails for $250 alone for a 6 month membership). 

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