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Propeller Experience Career Growth Accelerator

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  1. Gain clarity and create a plan for achieving your goals.
  2. Master the art of salary negotiation and secure the benefits you deserve.
  3. Craft a powerful personal brand and build a network of mentors and allies.
  4. Tell your story with confidence during interviews and networking.
  5. Find balance and conquer work-life challenges with a personalized plan.
  6. Stay motivated and on track with a strategic roadmap.

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"Participating in Propeller has easily been a highlight in my professional development of the last decade, and definitely a light at the end of the tunnel during a challenging (devastating?) year. I feel empowered, excited about the future and equipped to take on work that is worth it." 

Career Growth Coach - Jenny Hargreaves

Your Guide

Introducing Jenny Hargreaves and her dynamic team at tellent. For six game-changing years, they've been empowering women and smashing barriers to create equal opportunities for all.

Jenny, the visionary extraordinaire, has assembled a dream team of experts, ready to guide you on your personal journey. They're not just any team - we're talking the best of the best. Founders, leaders, coaches, and guides who will stop at nothing to help you achieve greatness.

But wait, there's more! We've also enlisted the help of zen masters, mindset reframers, and "get you past your barrier" busters. These fearless warriors are on a joint mission to help you tap into your professional potential and conquer the world of success.

Here at tellent, collaboration, generosity, and abundance are our guiding principles. We believe that by working together, as a collective, you'll be able to reach new heights and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

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The Propeller Experience is presented in partnership with Randstad.

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  • 6 months access to Community Membership
  • Immediate access to Mindset Reset
  • Access to Take Action upon completion of Mindset Reset
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  • 6 months access to Community Membership
  • Immediate access to Mindset Reset
  • Take Action at completion of Mindset Reset
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